HRC 65 4 Flute Ball Nose End Mill

HRC 65 4 Flute Ball Nose End Mill
  • Brand: Zand Tools
  • Raw material: high hardness, good wear resistance
  • Coating:  containing silica, very high surface hardness, and high thermal resistance.
  • Tolerance of End Mill Diameter: 1 < D≤6 -0.010 ~ -0.030;6 < D≤10 -0.015 ~ -0.040;10 < D≤20 -0.020 ~ -0.050
  • Double-edge design of HRC 65 4 Flute Ball Nose End Mill improves rigidity and surface finish effectively
  • The 4 flutes design of HRC 65 4 Flute Ball Nose End Mill is good for chip removal, easy for vertical feed processing, and widely used in slot and hole processing.
HRC 65 4 Flute Ball Nose End Mills - Zand Tools

Product Details

MaterialTungsten Cobalt Alloy, Tungsten CarbideMachine TypeMilling Machine
Controlling ModeCNC Tooling SystemPrecision0.005-0.01mm
Shank Diameter4-40mmCoatingBlue nano
Flute Diameter0.3-40mmHRCHRC65
Overall Length38-330mmSuitable Forhardened steel, carbon steel, mould steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, tool steel, and heat-treated steel
Model No.Cutting DiaCutting LengthShank DiaTotal Length
ZTBA0650040504ST4 R210450
ZTBA0650050504ST5 R2.513650
ZTBA0650060504ST6 R315650
ZTBA0650080604ST8 R420860
ZTBA0650100754ST10 R5251075
ZTBA0650120754ST12 R6301275
ZTBA0650141004ST14 R74514100
ZTBA0650161004ST16 R84516100
ZTBA0650181004ST18 R94518100
ZTBA0650201004ST20 R104520100