Precautions for using carbide end mill?

1. Carbide end mill will be introduced by engraving tool factory for machining centers. During use, it is necessary to prevent the end mill from gradually protruding from the tool holder or even completely falling off. Because the end mill is in a cantilevered state when in use. Therefore, before use, check whether there is an oil film between the inner hole of the tool holder and the outer diameter of the end mill shank to avoid insufficient clamping force. It is forbidden to use non-water-soluble cutting oil during cutting to avoid misty oil film in the inner hole of the tool holder, which makes it difficult for the tool holder to be firmly clamped with the tool holder and easy to loosen during operation.

2. The tungsten carbide milling bits will vibrate during the machining process, which will cause uneven cutting force around the end mill and affect the accuracy and service life of the milling cutter. But there is one exception. When the groove width is small, it is necessary to deliberately create this kind of vibration to increase the amount of cutting and expansion and then obtain the required groove width.

carbide end mill
carbide end mill

3. When the tungsten carbide milling bits are cut, the parameter selection is very important. The cutting speed is selected according to the different workpieces to be processed including their materials. The material of the machined workpiece and the diameter of the end mill determine the feed rate. In addition, various factors such as machine tool, tool system, workpiece shape, and clamping method are also the reference conditions for the selection of cutting parameters.

4. When choosing the cutting method, down milling is preferred, which can protect the cutting edge and improve the service life of the cutting tool.

5. Introduction from the engraving end mill Factory The high-speed tungsten steel end mill cutter has a relatively wide range of applications, the conditions of use are not so strict, and the degree of damage to it by minor improper operations is not so great. Although the cemented carbide tungsten steel milling cutter has strong wear resistance, its scope of application is relatively narrow and the requirements are high, so it must be operated in strict accordance with the requirements.