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Carbide Drill Bit 8D

We make these Carbide Drill Bit by using state of the art machines and techniques,making them the preferred choice.


Same as all of our solid Carbide Drills, we make these carbide drill bits by using state of the art machines and techniques, making them the preferred choice of solid carbide drills for clients who want to produce high-quality parts with maximum tool durability.


Material Tungsten Cobalt Alloy, Tungsten Carbide Machine Type Milling Machine
Controlling Mode CNC Tooling System Precision 0.005-0.01mm
Shank Diameter 4-40mm Coating AlTiN, TiAlN, TiAISI,TiSiN, TiN, DLC,Nano, Diamond
Flute Diameter 0.3-40mm HRC HRC45 HRC55 HRC58 HRC60 HRC65
Overall Length 38-330mm Suitable For cast iron, carbon steel, mould steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, tool steel, heat-treated steel, hardened steel

More Details:

1 High-quality tungsten steel bar, high rigidity, and wear resistance, for the service life of the tool to make a strong

2 Large and uniform chip discharge flute is conducive to telling processing

3 U slot design, conducive to chip removal, not stuck slot, smooth processing

4 Handle chamfer design, easy clamping

Tungsten carbide 5D drill bits

Our Factory:

Zand Tools Factory


Solid drill Bit
Cutter Dia LOC Shank Dia OAL
3-3.9 28 6 66
4-4.7 36 6 74
4.8-6 44 6 82
6.1-8 53 8 91
8.1-10 61 10 103
10.1-12 71 12 118
12.1-14 77 14 124
14.1-16 83 16 133
16.1-18 93 18 143
18.1-20 101 20 153


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