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The carbide router end mill bits are suitable for machining cast iron, stainless steel, titanium alloy, die steel, and other materials. the use of router end mill bits for aluminum, and router end mill bits for wood can effectively improve the cutting speed.

The carbide end mill bits are applied for face milling, slotting, profiling, and plunging, etc. The router end mill bits for aluminum also accept customized.

solid-carbide-end-mill- Zand Tools
Solid Carbide End Mills

Zand Tools solid carbide end mills are the perfect choice for cutting performance, and long tool life in different materials and applications.

End-Mill-for-Aluminum- Zand Tools
End Mill for Aluminum

Zand Tools end mill for aluminum with 2/3 flute allows for larger flute areas corner milling without chatter.

Wood Cutting - Zand Tools
Wood Cutting

Zand Tools wood cutting is used for different wood working, PVC, and Acrylic projects, etc.

Thread End Mill

Zand Tools thread end mill has great advantages in machining accuracy and machining efficiency, and is not restricted by thread structure and thread rotation.

Solid Carbide Reamers
Solid Carbide Reamers

Zand Tools solid carbide reamers not only provide precise drilling, but also high cutting speeds.

Solid-Carbide-Drill-Bits- Zand Tools
Solid Carbide Drill Bits

Zand Tools solid carbide drill bits are made from tungsten carbide which ensures successful projects.